Improve the way you live.

Convert a fraction of your home equity into



The benefits of selling without having to sell.

With Fraction, you can access a portion of your home equity and move it into other investments or convert it to cash.

This means that you now have access to your home equity without monthly payments and without having to sell.

How does it work?

With Fraction, you can access up to 40% of your home's equity without monthly payments or any age restrictions. The value of the loan is calculated based on the appreciation of the home.

When you eventually sell - or when you decide to buy Fraction out - the value of the loan is determined using either the sale price or appraisal.

Put your equity to work.

Move the sliders to see how you can free yourself from monthly payments and make money from the equity in your home.

Existing Mortgage
Fraction Equity Financing

Home Equity

Fraction Financing
Personal Equity
Existing Mortgage




Investment Portfolio

Property Investment
Alternate Investments



Monthly Cashflow

Payments from Alternate Investments
Monthly Mortgage Payments
Note: These are just estimates and do not constitute an offer or guarantee.

The process.

We invest in the future value of your home, giving you access to the equity locked in your property today.

1. Let's get to know each other

Tell us some basic information about you and your property. Based on that, we prepare a quote. You accept the quote if you like it, then we appraise your home.

2. Cash in on your hard work

We do a final home inspection and square away the paperwork. You receive payment.

Take control of your future.

Get an estimate today, or contact your mortgage broker and ask for financing with Fraction.


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