Homeownership. Made affordable.

Reducing the cost of a home by up to 35%.

Now taking reservations.

You should be able to afford a home.

Our innovative home financing product is the first of its kind in the world.

Fraction invests in the future value of your home in combination with a conventional mortgage, reducing the effective cost of a home by up to 35%.

How it works.

Move the sliders to see how your monthly payments can be reduced by financing with Fraction.

Note: These are just estimates and do not constitute an offer or guarantee.

The process.

Never applied for home financing? No sweat, here's what it looks like.

1. Get an Instant Estimate!

Tell us some basic information about yourself. Based on the information you provide, we prepare an estimate instantly. If you like what you see, you can then apply to be on our waitlist for financing.

2. We will ask for additional info.

After you have appl. We will request additional personal information so we can determine how much you are pre-approved for.

3. Pre-approval.

If pre-approved for financing, we will send you a pre-approval certificate so that you can move forward with your dream home search.

A home finance innovation.

Home financing hasn't changed in 50 years.

You deserve a future where homeownership is possible and reasonable.

Take control of your future.

Get an estimate on how much more affordable your home could be.


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