A lot of people think they’re wealthier than they actually are because they have a fully paid-for $600,000 home...

But you can't spend your kitchen.

- David Chilton
  Author of The Wealthy Barber

Spending your kitchen.

By selling a percentage of the future value of your home, you can gain instant liquidity while retaining the ability to live in or rent out your property.

And the best part? No payments, and nobody telling you how to use your home.

Let's break it down.

Use the sliders below to find out how much Fraction financing will be worth at the end of the term.

Fraction Appreciation Mortgage
Property Value
Annual Property Growth

Present Home Equity

Personal Equity
Fraction Financing



Future Home Equity

Personal Equity
Fraction Financing



Note: These are just estimates and do not constitute an offer or guarantee.

The application process.

Fraction financing is the easiest way to unlock equity from your home. Here’s how it happens.

2. Schedule a Home Appraisal

We will have a third-party home appraiser come by whenever is convenient for you to get an estimate of the present-day value of your property.

1. Submit an Application

Provide us with information so we can check to ensure that you meet our Eligibility Guidelines so we can know that a Fraction Appreciation Mortgage works for you.

3. Get Your Money

We sign the paperwork, you sign the paperwork, and then we send you the money.

4. Eventually Sell Your Home

When you eventually sell your home or the term is up, simply send the Fraction of the proceeds of the sale back to us.

Take control of your future.

Get an estimate today, or contact your mortgage broker and ask for Fraction financing.


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