Our goal is to democratize real estate.

Our mission is to enable the next generation of homeowners to have access to homeownership.

With technology in our DNA, we are focused on making the process of buying a home as easy, understandable, and accessible as possible.

Our story.

Fraction was started with a simple idea: what if there was a way that a person could sell a fraction of their property?

Coming from a technology background, the Fraction team looked at the problem through a completely different lens than the financial veterans who had tried to tackle this problem before.

Without the background knowledge of what was and wasn’t possible, Fraction was born. The team ended up building the world’s first easy and cost-effective way for homeowners to sell a fraction of their property.

The Fraction team worked to make their product as simple as possible so that homeowners would know exactly what they were signing up for when they went with Fraction. They had a simple rule: no complicated financial engineering; no convoluted math and charts.

Building out the platform for Fraction, the team came to realize that people looking to buy homes would benefit from their product as well.

Originally, the Fraction team thought people could buy a home with a traditional mortgage and then use Fraction to buy out a large chunk of the mortgage. This would enable homeowners to pay off the remaining mortgage much more quickly than they otherwise would be able to.

But there was still the burning problem: mortgages were too expensive. So they flipped their idea on its head. If Fraction invested alongside homeowners, they could lower monthly payments, opening up home ownership to more people than ever.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Take control of your future.

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